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Join us on Slack. Attend a meetup to get access.


Join our discussion forum.


Join our meetings in Berkeley, California.


Educational Center

A new kind of educational center for computer programming.

Code Self Study Wiki

Our wiki is a place where you can take collaborative notes with other members of our community.

Group Projects

Work on group projects with other members in the community.


Study Guides

Learn computer programming and contribute to our study guides.


Contribute to our Python resources.


Contribute to our JavaScript resources.

Our Meetup Groups

We're a network of over 2,500 programmers and entrepreneurs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Code Self Study
Code Self Study

Our main meetup group with over 1,300 members.

East Bay AngularJS
East Bay AngularJS +

AngularJS and other JavaScript topics.

East Bay Functional Programming
East Bay Functional Programming

A group for functional languages.

SF Bay Crowdfunders
SF Bay Crowdfunders

Turn your computer programs and hardware into careers.

Autism Success in Tech
Autism Success in Tech

Resources to help people on the autism spectrum achieve success in the tech industry.

More coming soon…
Coming Soon…

More resources coming soon!

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